CallBase Customization a Real Advantage and Cost Saver

We feel that one of our main advantages to many CRM software programs is that we can quickly and easily customize any aspect of the application to meet specific client requirements.  Many CRM systems, such as, Sales Force, will not even consider customizations and many others will charge exorbitant rates.

Not only is our product available at a reasonable price, our customizations are also priced very competitively.  Most CRM system that allow self-configurations are complex, require certifications, thereby resulting in having to use specialized consultants to do the work for, on average, around $1,000.00 per day and up.  Not so for CallBase CRM.  We will actually help with your requirements analysis and specification document and then provide developers to make the changes at reasonable rates.  Sometimes we can even provide a fixed cost for customized enhancements.

As an example, an email workflow enhancement for a case management requirement was designed and developed for a client of ours for less than $30,000.00, and completed within a three month window.    Compare this to a similar requirement that was handled internally and then contracted out to Microsoft Dynamics consultants for implementation.  The cost of two internal staff members to draw up the requirements, which ultimately took one year to produce, at a cost of $100,000 per year per employee, which includes overhead, and the actual development and implementation costs of a subsequent $200,000 for a total project cost of $400,000.

With our product and our approach to customizations, this client would have saved over $370,000.00 dollars.

This case study does not include licensing, which would also increase the price difference in favour of using CallBase CRM.

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